Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry is not a separate specialty of dentistry, but a thought process and an attitude that can apply to all facets of dental practice and to health care in general: to always seek the safest, least toxic way to accomplish the goals of modern dentistry and of contemporary health care and to recognize the essential connections between oral health and overall health. The tenets of biological dentistry can inform and intersect with all topics of conversation in health care, as the well-being of the mouth is an integral part of the health of the whole person.


Ozone is a gas comprised of three super-charged oxygen molecules (O3). The primary actions of ozone when used in therapy are immune modulation, mediated oxidative stress, improved microcirculation, and increased oxygen efficiency. It is powerful against bacteria, virus and fungus – stronger than bleach, but only oxygen. Ozone can be used to slow and even stop the advancement of decay and can be used decrease sensitivity and promote healing.


All dental amalgam restorations contain approximately 50% mercury, and reports and research are consistent that these fillings emit mercury vapors. Scientific research demonstrates that dental mercury amalgam exposes dental professionals, dental staff, dental patients, and/or fetuses to releases of mercury vapor, mercury-containing particulate, and/or other forms of mercury contamination. Utilizing the available scientific evidence, the IAOMT has developed extensive safety recommendations for removal of existing dental mercury amalgam fillings, including detailed protective measures that are to be utilized for the procedure. Safe amalgam removal protocol recommendations were most recently updated on July 19, 2019. Also, on July 1, 2016, the IAOMT protocol recommendations were officially renamed as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). Dr Olson is SMART certified and incorporates these safety recommendations for the removal of these fillings.

Meridian Tooth Chart®

Everything in our body is connected. The teeth are no exception. The body is a complex organization of systems that exists in real time in both the physical and emotional realms. The teeth are tied to organ systems, emotions, and overall health. We can review these connections on the linked chart and see how an infection or problem in the oral cavity can affect other parts of the body. Dental disease and infection have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and digestive disorders among others. Understanding this connection allows us to ensure the oral cavity is contributing to well-being and not disease propagation.


The HealthyStart® System is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free approach to opening the airway and straightening teeth WITHOUT braces. HealthyStart® is rooted in 54 years of research and experience and has treated over 4 million children around the world. Our system straightens teeth without the price-tag of braces and does more than traditional orthodontic aligners. The HealthyStart® System consists of a series of appliances that address symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing, which 9 out of 10 children are affected by. These symptoms often go misdiagnosed or untreated and worsen with age. HealthyStart® aims to address these symptoms early-on so that they can be solved naturally.

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