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Who Benefits from Gingival Grafts?

Posted on 10/15/2018 by Edelweiss Dental Implant Center
Who Benefits from Gingival Grafts?If you have an exposed tooth root surface that is causing you pain and discomfort because of receding, we may suggest you get a gingival graft. Each patient is different, and this treatment depends on your own individual situation.

What are Gingival Grafts?

Gingival grafts or gum graft surgery is a surgical procedure where the gum tissue that surrounds your tooth is covered with new tissue from another part of your mouth, to stop gum recession and help with other side effects of gum disease, such as tooth decay and sensitivity.

Do I Need Gingival Grafts?

Gum grafts are used for medical reasons, to fix and prevent gum recession, but it can also be used for cosmetic reasons when your teeth look longer, and you want to improve their appearance. When the root is exposed because of receding gums, teeth sensitivity can be minimized with gum grafting.

Gingival grafting can improve your gum health. Periodontal disease can eat away the gums in a relatively short period of time and gum grafting can stop that process by protecting the tooth from decay.

Preparing for Gingival Grafts

The first thing to do, once we determine you need gingival grafts, is that you need to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned, which can include the removal or tartar and bacteria. You will also receive additional information to that discussed at the office on how to prevent gum disease.

The length of the procedure depends on how much of the tooth is affected and where the tissue is coming from. In most cases it comes from your own mouth, but when that is not possible, it can come from a tissue bank.

Following the surgery, you will be able to go home with instructions on how to take care of the gingival grafts. This can include taking over-the-counter medications, using a mouthwash to control infections, and eating a soft diet for the first few weeks or so.

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